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LGBT and Mental Health Treatment: Learning to Trust Your Therapist

LGBT and Mental Health Treatment: Learning to Trust Your Therapist People of different gender and sexual orientations (often referred to as LGBT) suffer from mental health issues more frequently than the general population. This is not due to characteristics innate in LGBT identities and orientations. Rather, in contending with oppression, threats from others, and a need to keep secrets from those close to them; mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are, unfortunately, to be expected.

Guilty Half Sentences

The flight home from Israel went by in a daze, and before I knew it I was standing at the luggage carousel, waiting for my big black suitcase. I already had a heavy load. A suit bag carrying most of my clothes, along with an overnight bag. For a few moments, I forgot everything and focused on wrestling my baggage from the carousel. The time had come to face my parents. They would be waiting just through the sliding doors. I did not want to. I could not imagine how I would face them and pretend

Are Polyamorous Relationships The New Normal?

Are Polyamorous Relationships The New Normal? There is no one way to make a relationship succeed. Similarly, there is no one correct format for a romantic relationship. Over the past few centuries in the Judeo-Christian West, the norm has been the heteronormative relationship. Basically, this is a marriage between one man and one woman. This model is often held as the blueprint for a modern, moral, effective relationship. Even same-sex marriages, only recently legalized, generally stick to a mo

Skills For Managing Conflict In A Healthy Relationship

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, and romantic relationships are no exception. You and your partner come from different contexts and both have triggers and defenses that neither of you may be aware of. Whether you’re just starting a relationship, or whether you have been living together for years, conflicts will continue to arise. Managing conflict effectively is, therefore, key for maintaining a healthy relationship. Conflict refers to any tension between you and your partner

Am I Crazy? What It Means To Need Professional Help

Have you ever asked yourself “Am I crazy?” Maybe you did an online test to see if you could be classified as crazy, or if there was anything “wrong” with you. The easy answer to this question is no, you are not crazy. The term “crazy” is commonly used in a colloquial sense to describe anything from losing one’s temper to experiencing a psychotic break. It is certainly not used as a medical diagnosis. There is also a lot of judgment associated with the question: “Am I crazy?” All mental illnesse

Ketamine Therapy for Treating Depression

Depression is the most common mental illness. Over 300 million people worldwide and over 6% of the adult population in the US, have suffered from depression over the past year. Treatment rates of this mental health problem have gone up but, nonetheless, there is no one universal treatment. Different treatments work for different patients while a small minority of patients don’t seem to respond to treatment at all. That is why people are searching for alternative treatments like ketamine therapy.

Does Gay Shame Ever Go Away?

In the final Harry Potter book, Harry meets Dumbledore in an ethereal version of King’s Cross Station. With them there is a creature, a repulsive, whimpering childlike form, lying helpless on the ground. It is meant to represent what remains of Voldemort’s mangled soul. It also somehow perfectly embodies the way I see myself. Repulsive. Whimpering. Childlike. Helpless. My inner voice tells me I am all these things. Pathetic and loathsome. Something that should never be seen. Something that can

Who Am I? The Role Of Depression In My Queer Identity

Ten years ago, I was well on my way to becoming a rabbi. I had been studying in a yeshiva, a religious institution for young Jewish men, for three years. In just another four years, I could officially become Rabbi Joshua Marcus. After that, I’d either teach at a school or lead a congregation or both. I would get married somewhere along the way, and have two or three children, who I would raise in the faith. But in my fourth year, I slowly came to accept what I’d suspected all along. My life wa

Marriage Therapy: Why I Try To Sabotage My Perfect Life

Even as a child, I could tell my parents’ marriage was a mess. My mother hurled insults at my father, denigrating him for not being able to hold down a job, provoking him with stories of past lovers who would have been far better husbands. My father saw my mother as a child and, although he did not voice his feelings the way she did, he barely concealed his contempt for her. Nonetheless, they never seemed to consider divorce. And since theirs was the only marriage I’d been able to witness first

How Psychology Deals With The Concept Of "Toxic Masculinity"

There’s been a lot of discussion in the media over the last couple years about the topic of “toxic masculinity.” Some commentators seem to blame it for all the world’s problems, while others feel the term itself is an attack on all men, no matter what their backgrounds. It is difficult to find a measured view of what toxic masculinity is, detached from personal opinions and judgments. If you look at Twitter conversations on the subject, you will find anger and rhetoric, often along political lin

How to Find a Good Therapist Near Me

Choosing to see a therapist is a big step no matter what your reason. Whether you need help with particular problems or want to find more direction, good therapy will make a major difference. The next step is generally asking the question: “how do I find therapy near me?” The process of actually finding a therapist can seem daunting. Some feel uncomfortable asking for recommendations, as in some communities there is still a stigma around it. Others are put off by high hourly rates. There are th

Dating When You’re Mentally Ill

For years, I struggled just to exist, with my depression rearing its ugly head at every corner. And I made it through. It took 3 major episodes, a hospital, and two psychiatric clinics. But I made it through. Yet, when I started dating, I realised I’d entered a minefield. How much did I tell my dates? At what point did I share? Is it okay to be dishonest? I understand that my experience with depression is different to those with other mental illnesses. I know that it’s the easiest illness for

We Need To Break Down Gender Norms About What It Means To Be A Man

In February I went to see a trans-activist and spoken word poet perform. Alok Vaid-Menon, presenting and identifying as neither female or male, said stuff that made me feel a lot of things. Anger. Confusion. Shame. The contempt they showed for cisgender feminists seemed over the top and gratuitous. It was hard to stick to their grammatically troubling gender pronouns - them and their. And, of course, the anger against white, cisgender males - like yours truly - made me very uncomfortable.

Will The Mental Illness Stigma Ever Go Away?

The mental illness stigma will never go away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try. I live in a diverse world, with friends of varying sexual preferences, gender identities, races, and religions. Nearly every one of them has been stigmatised by one or another sector of society. We’ve all thankfully come to a place in our lives where we live openly and honestly. With pride. Personally, I’ve faced the stigma of being a gay Jewish atheist in an interracial relationship. And I am able to speak abou

This Is Why Depressed People Hate Their Psychiatrists

“When can I see you?” I texted in desperation. “I have an opening at 3PM,” Dr Lymeberger wrote back. “Come visit me at the clinic.” I was in the midst of a major chemical depression, one that had been brought on in a misguided attempt to change my antidepressants. I had not needed to change my antidepressants. I was not feeling any worse than I had over the preceding year. But I was depressed nonetheless, and hoped that a chemical change might be just what I needed. Unfortunately, switching a

5 Devastating Truths Religious Gays Wish Our Communities Knew

We're in a lot of pain. To my religious community: this is what I want from you. "The gay agenda" is a term invented by right-wing Christian groups, but it reflects how communities of ALL faiths see gay activism. It is seen as an attack on morality. An attempt to recruit new members and the normalizing of a perverted way of life. As someone who actively chose to be religious when I was young — I was raised as an Orthodox Jew — I once held similar attitudes. And so I know and understand a painf

The Dangerous Myth of the Perfect Man

How do women perceive the perfect man? Think Don Draper with the heart and guts of Legolas. He’s confident and smart but never arrogant. He is a leader who takes care of his woman, but is never patronising. He is the best at what he does but is not a workaholic. He is never weak, but neither is he afraid to show his emotions. Basically all of the old stereotypes remain, but with some unattainable modern additions. Ultimately, you end up with a perfect man who is nothing more than a myth. Wome

Tons Of Straight Men Take Sex Advice From Me, A Gay Writer — And This Is Why

Over the years, I’ve ghostwritten articles for psychologists, health practitioners, sign makers, wearable tech companies, and more. And borne of a great sense of irony, I’ve taken on the role of a sex expert for men. Straight men, that is. I myself am gay — not bisexual or sexually fluid. I will never sleep with a woman; I’ve never even kissed one. But I have written guides to giving great cunnilingus, the best heterosexual sex positions, and how to know what women want from men. Tens of thous

Why Donald Trump’s Victory Matters To A Gay Guy In South Africa

That was my sense in the aftermath of an election fifteen thousand kilometres away. That’s almost nine thousand miles (we don’t even use the same measuring system). But Donald Trump’s victory felt like a personal affront, and in the weeks since, that sense has only grown. I had to ask myself why it matters to me. I don’t live in America, and I have never planned on moving there. It’s not even on my top 10 list of countries to visit. And, while the South African economy is linked to what happen
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